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Controlling and Deterring Large Pests

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Dee, and I hate pests. I have struggled with many pests in my home, but contrary to popular misconception, these pests have been bigger than mice or cockroaches or ants. Rather, I have had squirrels in the attic and various marsupials living under my porch. This blog is devoted to getting rid of the larger animals. It contains everything I have learned about removing and deterring these creatures. If you hate pests but want to focus on the larger pests, you have come to the right place. Please explore my blog and enjoy!

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Controlling and Deterring Large Pests

    3 Preventive Ways to Keep the Cockroaches at Bay

    Cockroaches are a real nuisance in any home and need to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. It is easier to prevent a cockroach infestation than managing them in your home. Pest control is a good way to prevent a cockroach infestation in your home, but you can employ some strategies to keep them away from your home altogether. Here they are: Make Sure You Never Leave Food Sources Lying Around

    How Restaurant Owners Can Keep Flies Away

    Anyone in the food industry knows that the sight of a housefly is one of the quickest ways to lose customers. Such an unpleasant sight can be prevented by taking several measures. This article discusses some of those helpful preventive measures. Position the Rubbish Bin Properly One of the simplest measures that you can take to keep houseflies away from your restaurant is by placing the rubbish bin as far away from your restaurant as possible, such as in an alley behind the restaurant.

    The Return of the Rambo-Like Roaches: Why Your Roach Intruders Keep Returning

    Ridding yourself of a roach infestation is not something you can achieve in a day, a week— or even a month, in some cases. The scourge of kitchens around the globe, the German cockroach, is the Rambo of cockroaches. No matter how many times you squish or spray them, they just keep coming back. If you are struggling with roaches that seem to have taken lessons on survival from John Rambo, you need to get to know your enemy a little better.

    Pest Control: What Does Fumigation Entail?

    There are a number of pests that could invade your home and prove to be quite difficult to eliminate. The most common of these is the cockroach. These pests can reside almost anywhere and seem to be resistant to all forms pesticides. Other household pests that you could find your home infested with include fleas, bed bugs, termites and so on. The presence of these household pests can prove to be a nuisance and a health hazard if left unchecked.

    4 Helpful Tips and Tricks to Eliminate Pests in Your Home

    Pests not only pose a health risk to your family, but also can ruin a very nice experience. For instance, picture you and your friend having a nice home cooked meal in the kitchen. Suddenly, you both spot a cockroach running on the kitchen counter heading into the pantry. Your guest will have second thoughts about the food that you have prepared, no matter how amazing it tastes. Therefore, prevent such embarrassing moments by elimination roaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and ants from your home.

    Angry Bird Control: How to Manage Your Environment to Keep Indian Mynas Away

    It is Angry Birds season and Red and his sidekicks, the speedy Chuck and the volatile Bomb will stop at nothing to keep those pea-green pigs from invading their island. However, while those angry birds may be of the cute and funny variety, there is another much less cuddly kind that is ravaging the Australian landscape.  Indian myna birds are so aggressive and territorial that they make the angry birds terrifying the pigs on screen resemble fluffy, yellow ducklings.

    Top Solutions for Residential Termite Problems

    There is a common misconception among those living in homes not primarily built using timber that termite incursion is not an issue worthy of consideration. These individuals seem to be living in denial as almost every home comprises some form of wood components, which can lure the wood-loving insects into any residential property to cause structural problems. What can be done to ensure that termites do not attack your home and mess with its structural integrity?

    3 Ways to Remove Fleas From Carpet

    As wonderful as having a pet is, one of the daily struggles of pet ownership is going head to head with fleas. Fleas love nothing more than to bury themselves into the warm fur of your pet dog or cat. The prominence of fleas can cause a whole host of problems for your pet, including tapeworm, extremely itchy and red skin, anaemia, and even a Bartonella infection, which can cause fever, diarrhoea, and seizures.